Best Time for Halibut, King Salmon, Red Salmon, Silver Salmon

Best Time For Alaska Fishing?

King Salmon– Kenai River, and Fly-outs to the Chuit River, Nushagak River King salmon, wolverine creek sockeye salmon, Cresent lake trout, and arctic char. Sockeye Salmon – Upper Kenai River, Russian River Halibut – Cook Inlet from Anchor Point, Deep Creek or Homer

Rainbow Trout/Dolly Varden – Kenai River ( Opens June 11th)


Saltwater halibut, & Kenai River King Salmon

For saltwater anglers mainly interested in halibut this is the best time for you. The bigger halibut start moving into deeper water & we spend the whole time targeting halibut. June is probably the month with the highest number of halibut & fish seem to be everywhere, Shallow & deep.

For Freshwater anglers this a great time for Kenai River King Salmon without commercial gill nets intercepting salmon, & anglers usually split their days equally between river fishing for salmon, & ocean fishing for halibut.

The first run of Kenai River King salmon peaks in June. The early run has about 15,000-30,000 fish that average 30-45 pounds with 50-60 pounders available, Remember the world record 97 pound king came from the Kenai in the early run on may 17th 1985.

The river conditions are much less crowded, & the water is lower & clearer than in July.

The Kasilof River with its hatchery fish is a good back up river in the event of poor conditions on the Kenai or blow off on the ocean.

By June 10th the red salmon are in fishable numbers on the Russian river about a half hour drive from Soldotna. Fly out trips for red salmon & brown bear viewing is also good in June. June offers excellent fishing in less crowded conditions for all activities, the sun is up 24 hours & is the driest month of the year. Average temperatures range from 50-85 degrees.


June: Saltwater halibut, & Kenai River kings, usually equal time between both fisheries.

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