Best Time for Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

Best Time For Alaska Fishing?

Silver Salmon – Kenai River, Fly-outs Big River lakes, Kustatan river, plus many more
Sockeye Salmon – Mid and Upper Kenai River (until mid August)
Halibut – Cook Inlet, from Anchor Point, Deep Creek, or Homer
Rainbow Trout/ Dolly Varden – Mid and Upper Kenai River

August is a lot like June where anglers split there time equally between saltwater & freshwater fishing. In August it will get dark at night at about 11pm so you might see the northern lights. Temperatures in August are 50-75 degrees & little wetter.

Alaska Fishing Trips
August is silver salmon time in both the Kenai River & salt water. Silvers are abundant & is for anglers looking for lots of action on salmon. Silvers are very aggressive & bite almost anything. Silvers are very acrobatic & like to jump a lot. We cast spinners in back eddies, & side pools. This is also an excellent time for big rainbows.

In the saltwater we have recently started fishing Seward Alaska for silvers,trolling near shore in Resurrection Bay limits are 3-6 per day. Halibut is still going strong in Cook Inlet with most of the fish out in deep water feeding for their winter journey to the open ocean. While halibut fishing we can also put out salmon rods to catch silver, & pink salmon migrating to their native streams. Limits are 3 per day &many days we come in 15-25 salmon along with a limit of halibut. In even numbered years we have millions of pink salmon in the river, the limit is 6 fish & you usually catch a fish on every cast. This is a great fishery for kids.


August: Kenai River silvers, & pinks, Saltwater halibut, silvers, & pinks. Usually equal time between both fisheries.

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