Best Time for Alaska King Salmon and Halibut Fishing

Best Time For Alaska Fishing?

King Salmon – Kenai River, Anchor Point, Homer, Deep Creek and the Offshore saltwater Fishery in Cook Inlet Launch at Deep Creek Anchor Point, or Homer Halibut – Cook Inlet (Combo King Salmon/Halibut Charters)

King Salmon & Halibut Saltwater Combo Trips
May is my favorite time of year since after a long winter I am eager to get out on the water. This is also the most popular time for the locals to go saltwater fishing for halibut & king salmon. The weather has turned warm, the sun is up for almost 24 hours, the trees are sprouting leaves, & the moose are dropping calves.

Alaska Halibut Charters

This time period is for saltwater anglers interested in salmon & halibut From May 1st to June 5th is the only time you can catch both King salmon & halibut fishing in alaska in the ocean. There are several hundred thousand salmon migrating thru the area on the journey to spawn in the many rivers. There are also thousands of what we call feeder kings that are just feeding & are not going to spawn that year.

We troll in shallow water of 15-40 feet with herring to catch these dime bright fish.
Halibut is excellent at this time of year with big fish in shallow water & closer to shore than later in the year.

The fish are feeding on many schools of smelt & needle fish migrating thru.
No matter what the wind is in May we can always find fish because they are everywhere & the Kenai & Kasilof Rivers are back up spots to bad weather days.
From mid May on the weather is dry & temps in the 50-70 degree range


May: Saltwater kings & halibut, majority of your take home poundage will be halibut.

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