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Kenai river salmon fishing trips Alaska:

Alaska Salmon fishing on the Kenai River is world famous. Alaska’s Kenai River produces the world’s largest king salmon on the planet. Alaska’s Kenai River is often referred to as the greatest sport-fishing river in the world. King salmon on the Kenai River average 35-45lb’s and it is very common to land salmon exceeding 50-80lb’s! The power you feel when you hook one of these monster fish is indescribable & those that experience this battle often mention it as the most exciting sport – fishing experience they have ever had. Fishing the Kenai River with an experienced fishing guide greatly increases your chances of landing a monster Kenai King. Come experience the best of Alaska sport-fishing!!!

Two runs of wild Kenai River King salmon create the largest recreational King Salmon fishery in the world. The early run of Kenai River Kings averages 15,000 – 20,000 fish and enters the river from mid-May through June. The late run starts the first of July and peaks from the 10th to 31st of July. The late run of Kenai King Salmon averages about 35,000 – 50,000 fish. Alaska Salmon fishing for late run Kenai Kings closes on July 31, although these fish can continue into August. Alaska Salmon Fishing on the Kenai river occurs in the lower 10-20 miles of the river.

Saltwater Fishing for Alaska King Salmon

May is the peak month to fish the saltwater of Alaska’s Cook Inlet for King salmon. The king salmon travel close to shore along the beaches of Homer, Anchor Point, & Deep Creek at Ninilchik. Trolling cut plug herring is the method as the fish are in a feeding frenzy as they are migrating to their spawning streams. These dime bright ocean salmon are full of fight and offer the best meat for eating. This is the only time of the Alaska fishing season that we do our same day Alaska salmon & halibut combination trips, where you have the opportunity to catch a limit of both king salmon & halibut on the same day. There are over 1,500 streams and rivers that empty into Alaska’s Cook Inlet and hundreds of thousands of King salmon are migrating home to spawn.

Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fishing (Reds)

Kenai River Sockeye Salmon Fishing:

Alaska sockeye or red salmon, are like silver torpedoes and they offer exciting fishing action. Kenai River Sockeye average between 6-12 lbs. Sockeye salmon are most commonly caught from the bank. Over 1 million sockeye salmon return to the Kenai River every summer, and non-stop Alaska Salmon Fishing is often the result.

The first run of sockeye salmon are largely headed for the Russian River. This tributary of the upper Kenai River near Cooper Landing hosts a large run of sockeye salmon from mid June well into July. Beginning in early July, the late run of Kenai Sockeye salmon begins to arrive and this return often extends into mid August. Alaska Salmon fishing for sockeye is excellent on the Kenai River and provides an incredible opportunity to fill your freezer.

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing (Coho)

Silver salmon begin to enter the Kenai River in late July & early August. Alaska silver salmon are very aggressive and are known for their acrobatic fights. Alaska sport-fishing for Kenai River silver salmon, is very consistent and limits are common. Kenai river silver salmon average 10-12lbs, with larger fish weighing 15-20lbs. Alaska Silver salmon can be quite fun, especially when fishing with light tackle. Silver Salmon Fishing usually stays good through late September. Fall is one of the most scenic and exciting times to fish Alaska!

Silver Salmon Fishing additional Options:

Silver salmon fishing and coho can be found in a number of Kenai Peninsula rivers and streams and many remote locations throughout Alaska. In addition to the Kenai River, we fish a variety of Alaska fly out locations: primarily on the West Side of Cook Inlet. Fly out silver salmon sport-fishing trips are located in remote locations and aggressive fish in large numbers, provide Alaska Salmon Fishing at its best and is beyond compare!

Alaska Pink Salmon Fishing (Humpy’s)

Pink Salmon or humpy’s are only available in the Kenai on even-numbered years. Their semiannual return by the millions. These Alaska Salmon fill the river for about three weeks and are very easy to catch. Children love fishing and catching Alaska Pink Salmon one after another. Pinks are best for eating when taken just out of the saltwater. Fishing for Alaska Pink Salmon are caught using the same techniques used to catch silvers and they provide great fishing action while sport-fishing for Alaska silver salmon.

When to come sport-fishing in Alaska.

When to plan your Alaska Salmon Fishing adventure is a matter of personal fishing preference. Each month of our Alaska Salmon & halibut Fishing season is very unique and offers a variety of Alaska fishing adventure opportunities. The “best Alaska Salmon fishing” times also attract the most people so if you prefer more seclusion and private water, “peak” time may not be best for you. From early May until mid September, there is definitely salmon available in fishable numbers to make your Alaska fishing trip a success & will assure you of a very incredible experience. Alaska sport-fishing for Alaska salmon & halibut will create memories that will last a lifetime.

We will fillet your Alaska Salmon & halibut as part of your guided fishing trip, and will be taken to our processor for vacuum sealing and freezing. The processor will hold your cumulative fish during your visit and then upon your departure will box it for the airplane or overnight it to you once you arrive home. Either way, your Alaska Salmon & halibut is assured to stay fresh, insulated and frozen for transfer to your freezer.

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