Alaska Halibut Fishing Trips

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Halibut Fishing in Alaska

At Anchor Point, Deep Creek (Ninilchik), & Homer Alaska

Alaska, salt water fishing for giant Pacific halibut in Cook Inlet is home to the best Homer Alaska halibut fishing on the planet. We are proud to offer first class halibut fishing trips for these bottom fish. The excitement of hauling one of these mighty creatures from the ocean bottom, & their delicious meat is a delicacy second to none. This Homer Alaska Fishing Charters are both tide and weather dependent and it is not uncommon to encounter whales, sea otters and other marine life in the marine waters of Cook Inlet. Our halibut fishing Boat the “Gamefisher” a 30’ by 10 foot wide custom built aluminum vessel is spacious, powerful, and capable of carrying six passengers, not including the captain and mate. This is a highly recommended addition to any Alaskan fishing vacation.

The waters of Cook Inlet on the Kenai Peninsula, is home to some of the largest halibut in the world. Fish over 100 pounds are not uncommon & the 2 largest halibut ever taken in Cook Inlet were caught on the Gamefisher and weighed 410 & 365lb’s. However, the fish under 80 pounds are the best eating quality. We call the smaller 10-25lb and better eating fish “chickens.” Most of the very large fish are female, old and not very good table fare. The best times to fish for Alaska halibut is May, June, July, & August.

We access the Alaska halibut fishery in Cook Inlet from the beach at Anchor Point and sometimes Deep Creek near Ninilchik, or the boat harbor at Homer Alaska. At Anchor Point & Deep Creek there is no marina and a large tractor will launch the boats into the surf and is a very unique and exciting experience for our guests. Compared to other halibut fishing locations such as Seward, Valdez or Homer, the distance we travel to the fishing grounds is very small & ranges from 5-25 miles and only takes about half an hour to reach the halibut fishing grounds.

Halibut Fishing in Alaska Fishing is probably the most successful fisheries in the world as 98% of the trips we do we catch a limit of 2 fish per person and most days the boat will land 25-100 halibut in a 2-4 hour period. We fish in water that varies from 90-280 feet deep and we use 2-4lbs of lead to keep bait on the bottom in the second largest tides in the world. Your bait usually does not sit more than 5 minutes without a bite.

While you are halibut fishing you will have an incredible view of 5 active snow capped volcano’s that reach heights of 10,000 feet.

We will fillet your halibut for you to take to the fish processor for vacuum packing and freezing. On an average day the boat will come to shore with 250-600 pounds of halibut that will yield 125-300 pounds of excellent eating Alaska halibut fillets. The retail price of these fillets at the grocery store run about $15-20 a pound which usually results in the retail value of the meat you take home is greater than the cost of the halibut fishing charter was.

May 1-Sept 5th
Limit: Two fish per day

Average Size and Record

  • Halibut average about 15 to 40 lbs., however it is not unusual to catch fish exceeding 100 lbs.
  • The record halibut was 459 lbs., caught in the Aleutian Islands
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