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One thing anglers should know while they are in the planning stages of an Alaska Fishing Trip is how the business model within the Alaska fishing industry works. There are close to 350 Kenai River fishing guides and 200 Alaska halibut charters in Cook Inlet fishing out of Deep Creek, Anchor Point, & Homer. In addition there are several Alaska Fishing Lodges, & Bed & breakfast that don’t own any boats but advertise themselves as Alaska fishing guide services.

infoA large percentage of the websites you see are only booking agents disguised as an Alaska fishing Lodge & selling Alaska Fishing vacations that raise the cost of your Alaska Fishing trip and take a high commission and don’t own or control any scheduling of the fishing boats.

What I have learned in 26 years of experience I have had in the Alaska sport-fishing industry is that the majority of the businesses that anglers book their Alaska fishing trip with is not the guide business that will actually perform the fishing service. Many times your group will be sub-contracted out to 2-3 different fishing guides. Most times the fishing guide they will choose to put you with are the ones who will do their trips the cheapest and these are usually the newest least experienced Alaska fishing guides. Another trick used in advertising Kenai River fishing trips, they don’t list in their information that the trip is a half day 5 hour trip and they will be running double trips and that is why the cost advertised is so cheap.

Most of the Kenai River guides don’t own halibut boats but portray themselves in their websites that they do offer halibut fishing charters in their Alaska fishing packages. Most of the time they will charge much more for the halibut trip than what the retail price of the halibut guide you end up going with charges his own people that book directly with them. Also on the day of your halibut charter if the wind blows and you cant go out usually you cant reschedule because your scheduled on other days to fish salmon on the Kenai River and they don’t want to lose that day of income and of course you want to fish for both Alaska salmon & Alaska halibut and what usually happens is that you lose out on fishing for halibut.


That is why I think it is important to book your Alaska fishing trip with an Alaska guide business that is also going to perform the fishing service, owns both the salmon fishing boats, & the halibut fishing boats, & control all the scheduling of your trips, and can offer flexibility of changing around which particular days you will fish halibut & salmon in the event of weather changes on the ocean, or water clarity in the river due to a big rain.

At Alaskan Gamefisher we personally own 2 Kenai River boats, 1 Halibut boat at Anchor Point, & 2 lodging facilities. Because of this we have full control and the ability to be flexible during your stay to change your schedule around if the need arises. This results in 98% of all our guests getting to fish for both halibut and salmon regardless of weather, and lets you move from one fishery to another if fishing happens to be poor in one. All of our captains and guides are very experienced in Alaska & work for Alaskan Gamefisher.


Alaska Halibut fishing in the Cook Inlet off Anchor Point & Deep Creek near Homer provides incredible non-stop action for huge halibut up to 400lbs.

Alaskan Gamefisher has provided halibut charters since 1989 & has never been skunked in 26 years. Our Halibut fishing Captains have several years experience fishing the second largest tidal influenced inlet in the world.


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